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(Shoe store in Midtown Manhattan. Emily, Ashley, and Diana are looking for shoes, Samira is bored along for the ride )

EMILY: What about these? Do they look good on me?

SAMIRA: They're so high....are you going to be able to walk by the end of the night?

EMILY: Four inches is really not that bad, I swear. I'll keep flip-flops in my clutch or something.

SAMIRA: Wait, you're talking about the one with the silver sequins right...

EMILY: Right, the one goes with the dress.

SAMIRA: That one's tiny! It barely holds your lipstick and your phone.

EMILY: Diana can carry them in hers then!

SAMIRA: She's going to love that

(Leila enters)

LEILA: Samira, weren't you just in here yesterday? 

SAMIRA: This time it's not for me. Emily, this is my cousin Leila

EMILY: Nice to meet you.

LEILA: You too. Let me know if you need help finding anything.

EMILY: Which side?

SAMIRA: Um, the white side. Of course.

EMILY (smacks Samira): Samira, I can't believe you said that!

SAMIRA: What, she's white. She knows she's white.

EMILY: That's so rude. (to Leila) Sorry about that. (holding up the pair of shoes) Do you have these in a seven?

LEILA: Let me check, I'll be right back.

(Leila exits. Ashley and Diana walk over)

DIANA: Did you find anything?

EMILY: I think I like these. Samira's cousin is looking for a seven for me.

ASHLEY: I didn't know your cousin worked here.

SAMIRA: Yep, she...

EMILY (interjecting): She introduced me, and when I asked her what side of the family, she said "the white side". Can you believe that??

DIANA and ASHLEY simultaneously: What?! Samira! I can't believe you said that. Why would you say something like that. (etc)

ASHLEY: What do you call the other side of your family? The colored side?

SAMIRA: No, the Indian side. Duh. They're Indian.

(DIANA, ASHLEY, and EMILY continue to talk about Samira's comment. Leila returns with the shoes)

LEILA: Here, try these. 

EMILY (trying them on): They're perfect, I'll get them. 

LEILA: Great! Follow me, and I'll ring you up.

(Leila and Emily exit. Samira starts to follow.)

SAMIRA (turns back to Diana and Ashley): Are we getting out of here or what?

DIANA: Wait, that was your cousin?

SAMIRA: Yeah, why?

DIANA: I was expecting her to look more mixed.

SAMIRA: She's white!

ASHLEY: But her hair's so light. And she has green eyes. Personally, I expected her to look more like you.

SAMIRA: realize that I'm half-German right?

(Samira exits. Diana and Ashley pause for a beat and then follow)

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