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Security check

(Samira gives her security pass to guard. Guard looks down at the pass and then up at Samira. She does this multiple times.)

GUARD: This is you?


GUARD: This is your name?


GUARD: It's an Indian name.


GUARD: This is not your name.

SAMIRA: It is my name.

GUARD: You are trying to trick me.

SAMIRA: I'm not.

GUARD: You are not dark enough to have this name.

SAMIRA: Excuse me?

GUARD: It is a South Indian name. South Indians are dark. You are pale.

SAMIRA: I'm South Indian.

GUARD: You are a gori.

SAMIRA: I guess?

GUARD: So this ID is fake.

SAMIRA: No, it's real!

GUARD: You are one of those firing who goes to an ashram and changes their name to an Indian one.

SAMIRA (getting more annoyed): No. God. 

GUARD: I will need to see your passport.

SAMIRA: It's at hotel.

GUARD: I'm sorry, I can't let you in then.

SAMIRA: Wait. Wait! I have a copy in my bag.

(Samira rummages through her bag)

SAMIRA: Here it is. (pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to the guard)

(Guard examines passport copy and security pass)

GUARD: Fine you can go.

SAMIRA: Thank you.

GUARD: Put out your arms.


GUARD (holds up the wand): Security check.


GUARD: You really are a firangi.