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For some (dare I say many) of us, there will come a point in our lives - probably more than one point - where we will have to pick up and move our lives hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where we've been for past x number of years. It could be for:

  1. Work transfer, either internally or for another job
  2. Partner's work transfer 
  3. Personal reasons
  4. Want to experience a new town/city/country
  5. Hit a wall and need to do something different
  6. *Insert reason here

Whatever your reason, uprooting your life can be a liberating and possibly nerve wracking experience and sometimes it's nice to know that someone else has been there. That's where this blog comes in. For the first time in 8 years, I've blown up my comfortable life to move across the country (my reason was #5). This is a chronicle of my experience. 

Disclaimer: I moved to a city where I have a large network, a safety net, and, in general, people looking out for me. These factors will make this transition that much easier.


Making the Decision Part 1: Hitting a wall